2021 International Shimmy Mob

Dana Marton


Dana Marton

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I teach an adult beginner belly dance fitness class online due to the pandemic. I have been a part of a belly dance troupe for 6 years, and I have been belly dancing for 11 years. I am classically trained and have been dancing since I was 2. I have danced with several dance companies in the midwest, and now I teach to children mostly. I teach tap, ballet, and creative movement. Some of my classes are faith-based. My dance classes are all connected to my church because before the pandemic, I offered my dance classes at my church, Decatur First UMC. All of my classes are free and open to all ages and abilities. All are welcome, and anyone can bring family and friends with them if they don't want to attend alone. Dancing has always been my passion. I feel like everyone should be able to experience dance for his/herself to see if it is his/her passion as well. Please understand that I danced until age 15. I was told that I had several aggressive joint diseases that were destroying my joints and connective tissue. I had my hips and shoulder replaced. I was told I would not dance anymore. I just could not accept that. I began belly dancing. Now I am back to teaching belly dancing AND tap AND even ballet again.

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Event2021 International Shimmy Mob
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Decatur, GA (US)

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2021 International Shimmy Mob

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