All about abuse

Recognize it! Stop it! Recover from it!

Think that if you're not being physically abused by your partner, then you're not being abused?

Not always true.

You may very well be in a relationship that is draining something from you, not recognizing that your partner is eroding your self-esteem and happiness.

That's abuse.

See the signs.

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Emotional Abuse Signs Awareness (EASA)

Abuse takes different forms. Emotional abuse is the precursor to most cases of physical domestic violence. According to recent UN statistics, the occurence of emotional abuse by an intimate partner is much higher than that of physical abuse. Recognizing the early signs is key to stopping abuse before it causes damage.

September is Emotional Abuse Signs Awareness month. Read more about the devastating effects that this form of abuse can have on us.

Get help now! Here's how:

If you can't find a number for your country or region, please try contacting your local resource centre or domestic violence shelter.

Don't wait.

What is abuse?

Abuse is not simply physical violence.

It is a systematic pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person in an intimate relationship.

How? Through fear and intimidation.

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Recognizing abuse

Many women assume that if they're not being physically abused by their partner, then they're not being abused. That's not necessarily true.

You may still be in an abusive relationship. Learn to see the signs.

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Domestic violence

In an intimate realtionship, physical abuse is almost always preceded by emotional abuse. The two are closely related.

If you can regognize the signs, you can break this pattern, and reduce domestic violence.

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Useful books

Below is a list of books that you may find helpful (you should find any of these at your local library; submit a request for purchase, if unavailable).

Start Here:

A Crash Course in Understanding, Navigating, and Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

— by Dana Morningstar

Healing from Hidden Abuse

A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse

— by Shannon Thomas, LCSW

Emotional Blackmail

When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You

— by Susan Forward

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