2024 ShimmyMob Choreographer

This year's winner is Samaira (Laura Salinas)

image of Samaira, the official 2024 ShimmyMob choreographer
Samaira (Laura Salinas) is an international dancer, teacher, and choreographer with 18 years of experience.

She is the director of the Samaira School of Arabic Dance and holds the title of Arabic Dance Teacher in Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina, accredited by the Inter-American Confederation of Dance Professionals (CIAD). In 2022, she graduated from the prestigious Saida School of Arabic Dance in Argentina.

Samaira actively participates in international dance events and festivals in Chile and abroad, where she is recognized for her elegance, charisma, precision, and high professionalism, both in her seminars and on stage.

She has participated in International Oriental Dance Festivals where she performed, conducted workshops, and judged dance competitions in Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, and Brazil.

Samaira has also been invited to participate in the Egypt Festival in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2024, representing Chile as part of the International Ballet.

To learn more about Samaira, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Remember that the choreography is only available to registered dancers.

Happy Mobbers

2025 International Shimmy Mob

Registrations will open in December 2024

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