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Welcome to Shimmy Mob!

photo of Sabeya, the founder of Shimmy Mob

Since 2011, on World Bellydance Day (the second Saturday in May), teams of belly dancers around the world dance a ShimmyMob, a belly dance flash mob held annualy to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Feel good about yourself by helping others. This is a fun event, held for a good cause. We need dancers, dance teachers, dance schools, sponsors and volunteers.

Make a difference; registrations for the 2025 ShimmyMob will open in late 2024. Don't miss it!


How Shimmy Mob began

The inaugural Shimmy Mob was held on May 1st, 2011.  Sabeya, the founder of Shimmy Mob, intended to hold the event one time only, as a fund raiser for local women's shelters. The response to the event was unanimous: do it again.

The movement continues to grow and participants continue to come back every year. When registration opens, we will post it on the ShimmyMob Facebook page and on this site.

Our goals

  • Be the largest belly dance flash mob in the area in terms of combined number of dancers
  • Produce the widest spread belly dance flash mob in terms of territory covered in one day internationally
  • Show the beauty of belly dance to the general public
  • Produce a win-win event for all
  • Promote and generate leads to participating bellydance communities
  • Create awareness and expose the general public to a variety of styles under the 'belly dance' umbrella
  • Generate an additional advertising venue for participating dance schools, teachers and vendors
  • Make this a highlight event of the year and a fun experience for all involved
  • Contribute to society by giving back to the community
  • Get as many communities involved as possible

Who benefits from Shimmy Mob?

  • Participating dancers, dance teachers, dance schools, event organizers, professional performers who get advertising for classes offered at their location on World Bellydance Day, free publicity and a listing on the official ShimmyMob website
  • Victims of abuse in local shelters who receive funds from donations and sold merchandise/events related to the event
  • Participating trained dancers who are exposed to belly dance and its many styles for the first time
  • Dancers who seek a performance opportunity at an exciting event
  • Dancers will get to learn a unique dance routine professionally choreographed
  • Performing dancers who take part in a fun, charitable event allowing them to give back to the community in a wholesome way
  • Sponsors who are listed on the official site, deriving additional exposure

Our objectives

To give back to the communities

ShimmyMob supports victims of abuse, and the shelters and similar organizations in participating local areas, by promoting awareness and furthering the cause.

We encourage participating cities to create fundraising events during the month of May and to donate directly to the local shelters.

To promote belly dance within the belly dance communities

Participating communities receive a free listing of local belly dance-related events leading up to World Bellydance Day, on the ShimmyMob website events page. We encourage all participants to make these events by donation and give the funds raised to the designated charities in their area.

To support sponsoring businesses and organizations

We are grateful for all the supporters of this project. We thank you for your donations, the use of locations for rehearsals and performances, the fundraising contest prizes, and more. In return, Shimmy Mob is pleased to provide free advertising on the ShimmyMob website for one full year (or longer), depending on the sponsorship level.

Help us end abuse. Become a sponsor.

Happy Mobbers

2025 International Shimmy Mob

Registrations will open in December 2024

We at ShimmyMob wish to thank our generous sponsors:

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